What My Dorm Room Says About Me

Red Single Cup Coffee Maker

Obviously this implies that I am addicted to caffeine, but that goes without saying. Complete with mini Godiva flavored coffee beans; this glorious contraption keeps me sane in an environment that could easily turn me into a psychopath.

“Murray Better Hurry” Neon Poster

This will tell you that I am dedicated to supporting my cheetah-speed runner of a fiancé. Although, after we get married and I am waving it back and forth during the next Commander’s Cup, I’ll probably look silly since my nametapes will match the sign. So this might prove me to actually be crazy, despite my coffee machine.

Zebra Print Fleece Throw

I like to live on the edge but also be warm and cozy while I’m busy being exciting and adventurous (cuddled up on the couch while watching American Horror Story, of course).

Twinnings of London Extra Spicy Chai

This kind of just announces to the world that I know what life is about.


This could either denote that I get a lot of sore throats, or that I am sweet (yeah, let’s go with that one).

Pink Metallic iHome

Obviously this just screams “I like to party”. And by “party” I mean take extended naps to the tune of Ed Sheeran and The Shins.

Iron/Ironing Board/Faultless Heavy Starch

This practically shouts to the world that I care about what my clothes (and in turn, myself) look like! Well… maybe not clothes so much as my uniforms. And maybe I’m not really particular on looking awesome while in uniform, I just don’t want to get yelled at for looking like a shitbag.

Filigree Black and White Lamp

Clearly, I am just extremely courteous to my roommate while being stylish at the same time.


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