What Your Smoke of Choice Says About You


Camel Turkish Golds

You probably look and/or act like a leprechaun and it is very possible that you’re more prone to love people with freckles. Some people might refer to you as a monkey. You enjoy being the little spoon and spend lots of time watching underground horror films on Netflix.

Marlboro Reds

Similar to those who smoke Turkish Golds, you enjoy lazy nights in. 30% of your diet is probably delivery Chinese food. You can pull off any hair style/color and you’re a real straight shooter. You are naturally good in school and have a “h8rz gonna h8” kind of attitude.

Camel Menthols

You are most likely easy-going, mild personality and not too crazy. You have a tendency to be indecisive. You like the simple but finer things in life and can carry a semi-dignified conversation. Your biggest downfall is that you like cheap beer.

Camel Menthol Silvers

You add a little bit of pep in your step when you realize there are still basic bitches smoking plain menthols. But you… you smoke silvers. This entails that you are one classy motherfucker. Your “non-smoking” friends usually bum from you, since everyone likes a classic and mild cigarette.

American Spirits

Basically, you want everyone to like you and for some reason, you think these will do the trick. Lots of Europeans smoke these so maybe you want people to think you’re cultured. But in reality, they’re popular across the pond because they have ‘America’ in the name so it seems cool to them. Cigar-ception.

Newports/Paul Malls

You like menthol but don’t feel like paying the extra dollar or two it costs to buy Camels—or you just want to appear hipster even if you can afford them. And since you enjoy the sensation of charred minty freshness in your throat, you probably also enjoy piss water such as PBR or Keystone Light.

Nat Shermans

If you shell out twice the price per pack for an extra skinny smoke, go you. Advertised as “The World’s Most Elegant Cigarette” clearly you are Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart’s secret millennial love child. Extra fancy-points if you choose Fantasias every now and again.

Black & Milds/Swishers

You probably started smoking these in high school because they were readily available since their rolling paper has a stigma for being used for other things. They taste nice and have as much tobacco in one as an entire pack of cigarettes. You will remain in this smoking rut until someone introduces you to a real brand.

Cigars/Pipe Tobacco

You were born 70 years too late & probably wear a fedora.


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