Little Spoon vs. Big Spoon


This has become a popular debate at work. A few men insist little spoon is the place to be, when the women are convinced they are self-entitled to that spot. Here are the compiled internal thoughts.

Little Spoon


-You get all the warmth on the places it matters the most

-If you’re watching TV or a movie, there is nothing in your line of sight

-Able to eat without worrying that you’ll drop it on your cuddle buddy

-Infinite protection from monsters

-You choose the comfortable spot while the big spoon must conform to your shape


-“Where do I put my hands?!”

-Awkward baby-chub peeking out of your waistline from lying on your side

-Feeling hot breath down the back of your neck. *(Debated for a few minutes whether this was actually a pro or a con)*

Big Spoon


-You get to feel all manly and protective and shit

-Yep, that’s about it.


-Breathing in a mouth full of perfectly conditioned but voluminous hair

-Your bottom arm falls asleep while the top one gets sore from extended bear hug

-“I need to pee but she looks so comfortable…”

-Sometimes you just want to be loved and praised and cherished

-“Where do I put my legs?!”

“Damn, my balls itch… and she’s laying on my arm.”

I lucked out and have a man that enjoys being the big spoon (I don’t quite know why, but I won’t ask questions). Although, some men want to be the little spoon every now and again. Bottom line is, you might think that’s your automatic spot… But isn’t love all about compromise? Give a little, take a little — Talking to you, ladies.


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