Point/Counterpoint: Waking Up Early to Workout


Point: When you’re too lazy to go after class, it’s fine because you already went.

Counterpoint: You will have more energy to go after class if you sleep in.

Point: You’re more pumped up and awake for the day after a quick workout.

Counterpoint: If you’re short on sleep your energy levels at the gym are loooooowwww.

Point: Once you’re there, you will forget you’re tired.

Counterpoint: Taking that first step out from under your covers is friggin impossible.

Point: Working out in the morning gets your metabolism working harder for the day.

Counterpoint: Except then you’re so hungry you could eat a horse.

Point: You feel healthier and like making better choices.

Counterpoint: You get discouraged when you don’t see enough progress and slip into a brownie filled relapse.

Point: Abs.


Counterpoint: Pizza

Point: Dat ass.


Counterpoint: Cake.


Point: Legs.


Counterpoint: Bacon.

Uhhh… This almost convinced me to stay in bed actually. But here’s a few pointers for the mornings when you’re feeling really sleepy, to get you there.

Set aside your gym clothes the night before.

When it’s effortless, you will be more inclined to get up. And pick cute gym clothes if you can. It’s more fun to go to the gym if you feel good about how you look when you’re there.

Convince your significant other or a friend to go with you.

Yes, 5AM is ungodly and sometimes you’ll still skip. But chances are better with two of you. One of you may be more motivated. Or maybe you’ll both say no and then feel guilty later. It’s a lot easier to go if someone is sharing your misery.

Plan the workout ahead of time.

Have a schedule you can stick to so you know what to do and when to do it. There’s no point getting up to go if you’re going to waste your time dicking around the weight room like a lost puppy. Also, this is another way to keep you accountable! If you skip too much you jack up the whole rotation.

Post about it on social media the night before.

Yeah, no one really gives a shit that you’re going to the gym. Some people might find it annoying. But I have serious love for this because if I say I’m going to do it the night before, online, where everyone can see it… I feel like I have to.

Take pictures, track workouts.

If you write down every one, your progress becomes more visible. You’ll be more inclined to keep it up.


On the days where you’d rather be in a coma, a little C4 will save you. I don’t really use it anymore because it made my face itchy, but it was truly astounding how much of a difference in energy I felt.

Finally, look at hot bitches and before and after photos and tell yourself you don’t want to look like Honey Boo Boo’s momma anymore.

Edit: I’d like to note that I skipped the gym the morning after writing this article… Oops.



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