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Lovin’ On Each Other Since The 30’s

My Great Grandparents Hubert & Carol Malone have been married 70 years this month. Their anniversary is on the day Jason & I are getting married, I think this is beyond special.





It was a love story that began in the 30’s…

They were in junior high. Hubert asked Carol to be his girlfriend when he was 13 years old. Carol, naturally, said yes.

In 1943, Hubert went to high school & trade school, learning to be a carpenter. World War II broke out & he went to work in the ship yards in Vancouver, WA. Carol graduated from high school & joined Hubert in Washington, working as a tool checker.

Hubert turned 18 that fall and proposed to her. They met at the court house in Vancouver, WA on December 23rd, 1943 and got married. They road the bus 13 hours, through Shaniko to Bend, OR to tell their parents what they did. Both sets of parents accepted their marriage, Carol’s mother said, “You damn, young fools.”

They have lived together all over the world. The two of them spent time in Lodevé, France where they own an adorable house on the top of a hill. For many years, they lived on a house with stilts in the West Hills of Portland, OR. They finally settled in Bend, OR. The house they currently live in was build by Hubert; by hand and with love. He has added to it over the years, including a beautiful bar, winding staircase and a library, that extends in bookshelves throughout the entire house. He gave her the world because in his eyes, she is the world. Even at their ages, he still calls her “kid”. Hubert, in good health, takes care who has memory and health issues; she suffers from dementia. Carol and Hubert loved, laughed, worked, and maybe had a fight or two, but their love carried them through. This year, 2013, we find them still together.


I can only hope that my marriage can withstand all of that and more. You guys don’t have a computer, hell, you still have a rotary phone; but I want to congratulate and thank you both. To see a love stand the true test of time is inspiring and heart-warming. I love you, Granny & Grandpa.


One thought on “Lovin’ On Each Other Since The 30’s

  1. Carrie DiTullio says:

    Hi that is a wonderful story! I found this because I was trying to locate Carol Malone in Bend because I have a question about the home on NE 9th. Would you be willing to call me at 541-280-0992 to discuss it? My name is Carrie DiTullio. Thanks so very much!

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