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-Lyss & Emily on their opinions of each other-

“Lyss is a warm, kindred spirit. She has a bright soul and loves to— HOLD UP, just kidding. She’s moody. She’s irritable. She might be one of the the most angst-filled gingers I’ve ever met in my life; but I love her for it. We share a love for all things thrifty and most spicy foods. When she gets upset, her Jersey makes a cameo appearance and she has some pretty neat ink.”

Twitter: @lysshatesyou

Instagram: @shesahurricane


“Emily drinks a crap ton of chai and has little to no volume control. She is pink and glitter come to life. Miley Cyrus personally offends her for some unknown reason, so probably comment on every one of her articles telling her it came in like a wrecking ball. She’s basically a unicorn. And everyone loves unicorns.”

Twitter: @emirymurray

Instagram: @e_milymurray

Tumblr: emilyfreakingmurray.tumblr.com


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